Who We Are

Who We Are? joDah Ministries, Inc. is a Maryland based 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that helps Christian artists raise TAX-FREE funds to finance the production and promotion of various ministry related projects.


What’s In It For Me as a Christian Artist?

Here are FIVE things to know about joDah Ministries and how we can help your ministry:

1. Artists can raise unlimited amounts of funds for their ministry
2. Supporters receive a tax write-off for their financial gifts
3. Artists need not worry about reaching a fixed fundraising goal 
4. Artists need not worry about meeting restrictive deadlines
5. Artists receive discounted pricing for professional studio services


How Does It Work? joDah Ministries works with three (3) main groups:

1. Christian Artists: joDah Ministries was founded by Christian artists FOR Christian artists! We recognize that many independent artists often face difficulty in raising much needed funds to finance their music ministries. We provide the ability for artists to raise unlimited amount of funds to support their ministries.

2. Individual and Corporate DonorsJoDah Ministries provides the avenue for corporate and individual donors, church congregations, and fans to contribute monetary gifts to artists to support their cause. Donors receive a tax receipt that ultimately lowers their tax liability. 

3. JoDah Affiliate Music Network (JAMN)joDah works with Christian artists to provide music production and promotion services through its growing list of professional music service providers, including:  recording studios, mastering houses, music producers, session musicians, promoters, and other related service providers.  


What is the Catch? None! JoDah is simply a music charity that helps Christian artists by facilitating the production and promotion of high-quality Christ-centered music projects. JoDah is NOT a foundation. JoDah is NOT a record label. JoDah is NOT an artist management company. JoDah does NOT earn any revenue, including royalties of any kind (directly or indirectly) from artist proceeds. 


How Do I Become a Member? Membership is open to any Christian artist, music group, band, ensemble that meet our eligibility requirements:

  • Lifestyle: Agree to uphold Christian values, behavior, and lifestyle
  • Planning:  Define your ministry’s goals attainable within a 12-month period
  • Ownership:  Advocate and promote your ministry to corporate and individual donors
  • Services:   Use tax-free donations only for music related services
  • Give-back:  Agree to support joDah sponsored events to help other artists succeed in ministry


For more information about membership in joDah Ministries, please call us at:
Telephone: (410) 77-JODAH, or email us at [email protected]